Matthew Carey: Scans

“Painter Matthew Carey left school at 17 and enrolled at Kingsway-Princeton College to study fine art, printing and ceramics, after which he was offered a place at Chelsea School of Art, but decided to move to Italy, where he lived for two years. Upon returning to London he studied Fine Art/ Sculpture to BA at Central School of Art and Design (St.Martins), where he began to use plaster body-moulds and steel construction in sculpture, using hard, polished materials and surfaces to embody our protective emotional “armour” as a very real, tangible thing, albeit damaged, worn, pitted and scratched.
This life-long fascination with amour and human fragility has led to the current series of works which explore this fragility by dismantling our hard exterior to reveal a delicate inner beauty and vulnerability.
He has developed a unique painting technique which perfectly expresses this fragility, using very fine layers of oil patina over a colour base, manipulating the paint with paper, brushes and other implements.
He currently lives in Andalusia, Spain, where many of his paintings are in private collections.” –










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