Charlotte Caron

“Charlotte Caron, graduating from Fine Arts with honors just last year, already has an impressive body of work. Chunked into four series—Landscapes, Portraits, Vanities, and Anatomy—the unique treatment of the Portraits have particularly stood out. A beautifully imaginative hybrid of humans and animals, “this series of paintings, photographs, trying to respond to a form of duality—that assumes an animal part—by the medium of painting in addition, runs, mask, portrait,” according to the artist statement. “To ultimately create an osmosis between the two mediums, so between the animal and the portrait.” –

“Charlotte Caron crated these portraits for her third year degree in the fine arts. She has always worked on the body figure including the head as an instrument of thought. She is of the opinion that everyone is wearing a mask in society with friends or at work. That thought was what she aimed to highlight. Following that thought she used two mediums; the painting and photography which allowed her to compare two worlds and to create a certain duality. The combination of two mediums shows the man in a new light, reavealing his animal side. Man returns to the wild condition with all his drives and bestiality.” –










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