Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson is a multi-media artist known predominantly for her transformative work interrupting the waste stream using plastic debris, excess packaging and junk mail. A Canadian, Robson was born in Toronto in 1972 and has lived and worked in New York City for the past 21 years. Robson grew up in Maui, Hawaii. Her work has been featured in Art in America, Art & Antiques and recently the cover of Green Building + Design magazine. She is a recipient of the Pollock Krasner Grant, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in sculpture and numerous other grants and awards. A “subtle yet determined environmental activist”, Robson has exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and public spaces. She earned an B.A. in visual arts and art history at Columbia University, and is the Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges Scholar/Artist for 2012. She has taught photography, welding & sculpture and gives lectures and talks around the country. As an advocate for plastic pollution awareness, Robson is the founding artist of Project Vortex, an international collective of artists, designers and architects who also work with plastic debris. When she isn’t working in her studio, she can be found contemplating and enjoying the universe with her husband and daughters. – artist’s bio

“Robson’s work uses recycled materials to such an extent that she now enjoys receiving junk mail because it gives her new material to create her work. “The language and costly graphic devices and fancy printing used in junk mail gives it a persuasive, positive and personal flavor, making it great fodder for my work. My practice is ultimately about recognizing and embracing new possibilities and encouraging others to do the same,” she writes in her artist’s statement. Some of her more memorable pieces involve plastic bottles carved, cut and twisted into romantic, unrecognizable forms. Like the best artists working with recycled materials, Robson makes the trash she works with a thing of beauty and mystery.” –













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