Mary Giehl: Ivory

Another post on the phenomenal and haunting work of Mary Giehl. In this series Giehl has cast discarded baby dolls out of soap. She then leaves the models in filled baths so that they slowly deteriorate and finally dissolve – creepy!

“My work has taken on themes that I had encountered through my work experience as a Registered Nurse in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I had often cared for children after they had been abused, much of my work focuses around this theme. There are hints of darkness and confinement in my installations along with a mixture and balance of playfulness and seriousness.

My work participates in a discussion that analyzes and disentangles specific images of our culture about our children. I have made the decision that my work would not offer that escape into an aesthetic discussion, intellectual diversion, imaginative fantasy, or simple entertainment. I am interested in creating works that educates, agitates and troubles the audience. It is important to captivate the audience to have them bond with the work to create that lasting memory.” – Artist’s Statement




ivorysoapdoll-2d_05 03_ivorybathtub








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