Adam Hayes

Illustrator and Designer Adam Hayes has perfected the creation of bold but intricate illustrations that draw in the viewer and entice with their depth and colour. Haynes creates beautifully detailed work and one imagines he would make an excellent children’s illustrator if he chose to venture down that route. I love his use of vibrancy and bold colour to turn the mundane into explosions of excitement and colour which are brought alive by his pen. Good Stuff!







AHAYES-SimCity-900x549 AHAYES-Times_Sq_Captcha-1-900x500


AHAYES-Times_Sq_Captcha-900x266 AHAYES-Unilever_U1-816x900


2 thoughts on “Adam Hayes

  1. These illustrations are stunning; I love, love. love them! Illustrating for children’s literature would be a good match but I could see this artist writing their own ticket in any genre.

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