Marc Valesella

“Most of my photographic endeavors  start with the excitement of the visualization of a beautiful print, even when taken out of the context of the series. By that I mean that the political or social content of a given body of work should not be used as a palliative for a beautiful image, no matter how interesting the subject is.

While all the serious talk about a photographer motive is important, a fine print has a life of its own and should be an object of itself. The emotions  of the viewers when confronted to my work are always more important to me than any message I ultimately try to send.­­

In the medium of photography, the public seems to believe that the technical recipes are more important than of other mediums, and so they may be, however, it is not of great interest to be explained.

My technical relationship with my work is very simple in that I am a practitioner of straight photography using available light and the least manipulation in the darkroom as possible.” – Artist’s Statement











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