Caterina Silenzi: Bones can wait

“Caterina Silenzi makes mysterious sculptures, merging animal and human body shapes whilst using an old Japanese technique to create the ceramics, named Raku. This type of craft dates back to the 16th century and is known for having strong correlations with nature due to its creative process using fire, earth, water and air. Caterina finds the bones for her works randomly during her walks through the woods. She says: ‘If, walking through the wood, I bump into an animal bone I carry it home, clean it up and put it in a place so that it is always visible and I am able to observe it quietly and from all perspectives. Then I keep waiting for the day when the uncontrollable desire to build something or someone comes! Sometimes this is the materialization of a state of mind, the consequence of some event somehow important in my life. The bones can wait months or years. Then as soon as I have a clear image of what will come up from them, everything goes instinctively, quickly, following that impulse which goes beyond any logic.’” –











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