“Currently living and working in Toronto, artist Gosia recently completed work on a series of beautiful sculpted busts made from polymer clay and gypsum. Titled Pearl, Luna, and Eva the works are an extension of her earlier paintings and are her first foray into sculpting. The artist shares via email:

It is an absolute thrill and pleasure to sculpt. Just as the final pieces have more dimension so does the experience of creating them. With every new figure I fight an internal “battle” of staying true to my posing model and creating someone from my imagination. The result ends up somewhere in between with elements inspired by neo-romanticism and fantasy.

Pearl, Luna and Eva are the first pieces in an ongoing series of originals created from casts of one bust. I had modeled a bald figure, made a mold and cast what i like to call my “blank canvases”. I then hand model unique details on each piece, just as you would to a blank canvas, creating “someone” new each time.” – http://www.thisiscolossal.com











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