Herbert Baglione: Mental Asylum Shadows

“Just when you thought that an abandoned psychiatric hospital couldn’t get any creepier, Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione comes along to give us the ultimate waking nightmare. Part of his ongoing 1000 Shadows project, he’s been painting black silhouettes on the weathered walls, floors and ceilings of long deserted buildings in São Paulo and Paris… but by far the creepiest location to date is this abandoned hospital in Parma, Italy.

The dilapidated building, complete with abandoned wheelchairs, pealing paintwork, molding walls and long dark corridors would easily have enough “ambiance” in itself to house all kinds of imaginative visions, mental illness or not. But with Baglione’s fine touch the place has been transformed into something truly frightening. Can you imagine seeking shelter inside this place during a freak rainstorm? I’m pretty sure I’d rather stand outside.” – www.visualnews.com










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