Joseph Ford: Ariel Photography

” I was born in London in 1978. I began taking pictures while I was doing my degree in French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and got my first break in 2004 with an advertising campaign for TBWA Paris. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to work for clients around the world, mostly shooting advertising and editorial images of people on location or in studio. Over the last few years I’ve also been commissioned to photograph landscapes and aerial images.

Recent campaigns have ranged from shooting close-up still life for Hasbro to becoming a PADI qualified diver for an underwater shoot in Guadeloupe.

CGI and multi-image composites are an important element of my work – I do a lot of my own retouching and I also have excellent relationships with several post-production houses, both in the UK and abroad. I work regularly with a team of stylists, hair/makeup artists, casting directors, location finders, animal handlers and production managers, and I can source people to coordinate all elements of a shoot.
I spent several years living in Paris and my French is fluent. I still work regularly in Paris for French and international clients, so I’m comfortable organising productions in France and elsewhere on the continent.” – Artist’s Statement











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