Peter Pink

“A German artist has created a series of unusual and hilarious sculptures using sunglasses-wearing vegetables. Peter Pink, who describes himself as a ‘nonsense maker’ uses spuds and cucumbers to create the weird tableaus in public spaces. One of them sees potatoes on a beach, enjoying the recent fine weather by sunbathing. Another sees them protesting about their brethren getting sliced and fried outside a McDonalds restaurant, complete with a cordon to contain their demonstration.

The theme of protest continues with the potatoes squaring off against the cucumbers, who stand impassive in a line against the unruly mob. Another installation sees one of the vegetables crucified on a tiny cross. But the art has a point beyond simple entertainment, according to art website Designboom. It said: ‘The setups communicate Pink’s opinions about consumerism and policy, while others document culturally significant historical events. ‘In one series, the cucumbers are amassed to resemble an army assembly – another depicts the crucifixion. The physical characteristics of the edibles, such as their texture, contour, and color act as a human personality, allowing them distinctive attributes and an anthropological quality.’ Indeed.

Mr Pink, 31, said: ‘One morning I had the idea of protesting potatoes. I already was using the sunglasses. So I put the sunglasses on the potatoes.’My inspiration a lot of the time comes from the need to clown, comment, or question things I don’t agree with. Things where everyone around me is like “Yeah”, and I’m like “Really?” I like asking questions and I see life as something to be curious about, not something I need answers for.'” – taken from the Daily Mail












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