Yu Ping Lin: Kaleido

“Kaleido= Kalos + eidos. It origins from Greece. “Kalos” means beautiful and “eidos” means form.

The collection tends to focus on inspiration from nature and kaleidoscope, the notion of folding and pleating, architectural structures, interaction with people and seduction of pattern and colour.

Also, the collection is motivated by the Spanish architect, Gaudi, his architecture conveys a feeling like a circus, a feast, a paradise and a kaleidoscope. However, the molecular composition, architecture and natural structure are the best references to my work.

The medium includes felt, cotton, synthetic fabric, silk and mixed fabric. I apply several ways on colouring the material: hand-painting, dying, digital-printing and transferring. I utilize the architectural construction and paper-folding technique to accomplish my ideas. Due to the designed structure, every piece of work shows various appearances by turning upside down and it offers diversification of wearing. Each work is like a three dimensional kaleidoscope. the designed structure enables wearer to play with it as the pleasure of playing kaleidoscope. With the presentation of the colour, pattern and structure, may this collection bring fun, fantasy and interaction to the audience!”http://www.yuxiart.com/kaleido.html






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