Kerry Thomas: Fulraw Fibrecrafts

“I create needle-felted pictures with fibres such as wool and silk, alpaca, camel and yak, and more recently from Samoyed and Alaskan Husky dogs, angora rabbit and Mongolian cashmere. My pictures are inspired by natural history – landscapes, seascapes and wildlife – as well as the subtleties of the changing seasons and the universe that we are part of.

I work from my own photographs, sketches and imagination, and I enjoy the development of each picture through the use of the wools and other fibres with their different textures. The breeds of sheep whose wools I have been using include Merino, Blue-Faced Leicester, Border Leicester, Gotland, Norfolk, Whitefaced Woodland, Teesdale, Wensleydale, Shetland, Hebridean, Jacob and Falkland.

From the summer of 2015 I have been experimenting with embellishing some of my pictures with free-motion machine embroidery, and mixing techniques of needle-felting with partial wet felting areas. I can add other fabrics and yarns to these as part of the process – dupion silk, organza, lawn cotton, cotton scrim, velvet, and so on. I am also working on creating unframed pictures that are stretched over canvas which allows me to work on larger pieces.

I am based near Lockerbie, SW Scotland.” –

Amaranthine Moor Sundown


Countryside of Flowers

Moon Rising Seascape

Open Moor

Sundown on the Prairie

Sunrise by the Lakeshore

Wedding Garden


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