Graham Muir: Glass waves

“Artist Graham Muir enchants viewers with his delicate, gravity-defying waves made of glass. In order to form these graceful pieces, Muir uses creative and technical skills he has worked years to perfect. With over 9 years experience teaching hot glass techniques, the artist understands that the soft, molten glass requires a certain finesse and harmony between the artist and the medium.

Muir chooses to create waves as an imitation of the beauty of the natural world. His pieces aim to capture a wave at the point just before it comes crashing down, in order to “convey both the beauty but also the often-frightening power of nature.” The magnitude of these fragile pieces tests the artist’s limits, both creatively and physically, as he attempts to encapsulate the power and energy of a wave. The path that he took to develop this process involved many failed attempts but the resulting collection of exquisite pieces are all the stronger for it.

Muir offers a more in-depth account of his process in a blog, here. For more stunning glass work and artistry, you can browse through Muir’s website.”












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