Fran Harkes: Buttons by McAnaraks

“I have been earning my living by selling the things I make for 25 years. I buy 2nd hand clothing from charity shops and customise them, or “jazz” them up, using pieces from my large fabric collection. I love fabric. I sell the clothing at craft shows in the UK. I also make buttons along with my partner Steve. The buttons are made from polyester resin which is a liquid polymer that hardens when combined with a catalyst. After the two are combined you have about 20 minutes to pour it into moulds before it starts setting. This is a very messy and smelly process which requires the use of breathing apparatus and lots and lots of disposable rubber gloves – so I let Steve do all that side of it out in the garden shed. I stay in the warmth of our indoor workshop and do the arty bits – I decorate the buttons, each one freehand, which makes them all different. I really enjoy making the buttons, they have to be left to set overnight and  it is a treat emptying the moulds in the morning.
I also make “art ribbon” from my extensive collection of fabric and yarn, I sell it by the meter.” –!-Fran-Harkes—Buttons-by-McAnaraks/cy7d/7053F758-1F8F-4072-A98D-F816152BEBDE












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