Veselka Bulkan: Little Herb Bouquet

“I live in Munich, Germany. I am fully inspired by this beautiful city. I love being able to hear the sound of bicycles and dog paws everywhere, exploring nature, long picnics, cycling around lakes in Alps, observing the changes of the textures through the transition of the seasons. It is invaluable to visit local farm and flower markets, and then take a break to have a good coffee together with friends in a cozy cafe.

Having graduated from the painting department of a fine arts university, with my love of designing new things, I found myself doing more design and crafts after a while, and eventually started up my first online shop, called as “green accordion”.

Once the time passes, I realized that I found additional attraction in kitchen, especially baking, styling and the sounds of kitchen. It turns out that it gives me more inspirations for new designs. I also have to say that I am so impressed with the interest of many people shown in veggies hoop designs. It made me involved in designing with canvas, linen and cotton more and more. I scale up hoop designs, and move on to kitchen textiles. All these evolution led me to consider to change my shop and its name recently. Now I come up with my new shop name, “Little Herb Bouquet”, and I found it matches the best with my new concept.” –











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