Louise van Terheijden: Watercolours

“‘Colorful, Transparant, Poetical’. That’s how you could describe my work.
I make everything in my own studio and I only use the best quality paper and inks.
Archival inks and paper so you can enjoy my prints for over a hundred years.
My favorite materials are watercolor, good paper, and brushes.” – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LouiseArtStudio

il_570xN.457742963_tv4p il_570xN.464403659_g36a il_570xN.468389729_mlj7 il_570xN.491073910_nf85 il_570xN.507104532_9x4r il_570xN.508365564_jqsd il_570xN.566537143_iw60 il_570xN.569928217_trwt il_570xN.570649368_pd4q il_570xN.584934207_jklr il_570xN.595407535_704w il_570xN.620148324_jfwa il_570xN.626183193_qig9 il_570xN.683923843_51kk il_570xN.687738694_er70 il_570xN.724353566_8856 il_570xN.728402917_p3yi il_570xN.829491010_sy2c il_570xN.846915040_95g6 il_570xN.868202706_50a9 il_570xN.904637708_edcy


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