Shirley Wegner: Memories of Israel

Shirley Wegner is mostly known for her large-scale photographs of landscapes that seem sustained between real and fiction and question the relationship between documentary photography and storytelling. In these, Wegner reconstructs landscapes that are embedded in the collective and personal experience of her home country of Israel. Each photograph carries its own investigation, meticulously crafting a large-scale set in her studio over weeks and months, using mundane, everyday materials. Once photographed, the result is a form of a visually compressed image made of layers of painting, sculpture, and craft-like objects that suggest a new form of a memory-image, one that exists between a personal and a collective realm. Wegner is interested in how her own illusive memories, as captured through a younger gaze, were shaped by early imagery of her homeland and how these images are relevant today, against the backdrop of contemporary landscapes of urban decay, ruins, natural disasters and the aftermath of war. Her work addresses questions of nostalgia, ideology, and the power-relationship that exists between photography of landscape and mechanisms of territory. Working in a number of mediums simultaneously, she interweaves her images through painting, sculpture and photography, suggesting a lexicon of memory that exists between a personal narrative and a collective reality. ” –









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