Steve Watts: Coffee sack upholstry

“I have been upholstering and making furniture for over 30 years ..

Just recently I have added a range of chairs to my portfolio, making unique and attractive items of furniture from traditional materials and some not so traditional.
i love making furniture and use only the best materials for all my projects,this new range of furniture has given me the chance to make pieces of furniture for the general public instead of the big national companies i normally work for.
Although i still have to work for the leisure industry to pay the bills, i find making furniture for people to use in there homes far more rewarding, the reactions i have been getting from people who have bought from me suggests they enjoy the furniture just as much as enjoy making it.” –










One thought on “Steve Watts: Coffee sack upholstry

  1. Great fun, but I wonder how well it wears? How many Martindale does a coffee sack have? As far as I remember, they tear quite easily – we had to take care when emptying the containers to not get a “false” hold with the sack hook, if it slipped a tear would often show up. Do they use better quality jute now than 30 years ago? That said, I love these, they bring back a lot of memories.

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