Malgorzata Jablonska

“Extraordinary and absolutely stunning paintings by JABLONSKA have successfully amazed over years. The very unique technique of putting further layers of materials (silk, nylon, chiffon, tulle) between two blocks of glass closed off with perfect touch of aluminum frame create the spectacular piece of art. Transparency of the painting allow for unlimited display options – against the wall, window or any free space with the illumination from any angle to strengthen the experience. On another level, transparency enables to see beyond the obvious, hence change of background can be so critical to the experience on each individual viewer. The arrangement in open space where the viewer can directly interact with the painting allows for creative interpretation and a complete change of initial perspective. That is the reason why JABLONSKA will always stay fresh and full of surprises. JABLONSKA as an artist has set herself a goal to create a new technique to revolutionise the way we perceive art of paintings and this has certainly been achieved in her work.” –










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