Joshua Abarbanel: Ice Boats

“In October 2015 I participated in The Arctic Circle, an expeditionary artists residency aboard a Barquentine Tall Ship. With twenty-five other artists and a small crew, we sailed for more than two weeks around the international archipelago of Svalbard, ten degrees south of the North Pole, to experience this unparalleled region, do research for future artistic endeavours, and make art in situ. Presently I am in creating a new body of work—including photographs, video, sound, and sculpture—inspired by my experiences in the Arctic.” –

img_1_1479153200_ed3e3c7f6a6051c9e5f8ab018d3c113f  img_2_1479153200_0601b1b73d92784137aa1c10f3964827  img_3_1479153200_a455de555155014403671226ded2db40  img_5_1479153200_37ff306d786ef2945afdcc728daa8535


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