Juan Carlos Quintana: Paintings

“Quintanaʼs work offers a heady mixture of pessimism, humor, bright color, and impasto. His paintings are often reminiscent of Philip Guston, both in terms of the handling of paint, and the use cartoon-like characters and a rosy palette in the service of a very dark sensibility. In Art Collectors Descending on Unsuspecting Emerging Economies (left), a motley cluster of creatures float in the center of a beautifully worked surface of white and grey. Quintanaʼs title warns that, in spite of their toothy grins and big eyes, these animals have sinister intentions. The artist often directs ridicule at the art world through his titles, though no form of elitism and conservatism is spared (see Agents of Status Quo, below). Quintanaʼs paintings are not illustrations of his titles, so much as provocative juxtapositions that summon reflections on humanityʼs malice, futility, and banality. ” – http://www.jackfischergallery.com/artists/juan_carlos_quintana/index.htm











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