Benjamin Grant: Overview

Grant was inspired by the wildly popular Daily Overview Instagram, which he has been running since 2013. As the Instagram has swelled to nearly half a million followers, some of the best images have been collected for a miscellany. The project was developed during a  space expedition by astronauts who spend extended periods of time in cosmic space. The book contains more than 200 original images of industry, agriculture, architecture, and nature that demonstrate graphically breathtaking patterns across the Earth’s surface. The pictures show a colorful quilt of tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands, the charcoal landscape of the Qinhuangdao Coal Terminal in China and the treelike aquatic branches of the Shadegan Lagoon in Musa Bay, Iran. Grant’s hope is to give the viewers a chance to engage with the unique perspectives and to gain a new understanding of our place on the planet.” –

photography_overview_benjamingrant_01-1050x1113 photography_overview_benjamingrant_02-1050x682 photography_overview_benjamingrant_03-1050x553 photography_overview_benjamingrant_06-1050x1113 photography_overview_benjamingrant_09-1050x1112 photography_overview_benjamingrant_10-1050x552 photography_overview_benjamingrant_11-1050x1155 photography_overview_benjamingrant_12-1050x584 photography_overview_benjamingrant_13-1050x1027 photography_overview_benjamingrant_14-1050x553 photography_overview_benjamingrant_15-1050x1166 photography_overview_benjamingrant_17-1050x682 photography_overview_benjamingrant_18-1050x1050 photography_overview_benjamingrant_19-1050x1113 photography_overview_benjamingrant_21-1050x1114 photography_overview_benjamingrant_23-1050x1165 photography_overview_benjamingrant_24-1050x682 photography_overview_benjamingrant_26-1050x552


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