Whats this site?

Incandescent Art is dedicated to bringing you the most interesting, unique and inspiring art, design and photography pieces from around the world. The site was originally set up as a resource for GCSE and A-level artists and photographers: providing starting points, inspiration and artists for reference, however it has now expanded into a more generalised art blog. If you have any questions, queries or artist recommendations feel free to post a comment, the site is  always looking for new art blogs to follow and new artists to inspire!

This site does not own rights to any of the work featured in this blog and is purely interested in sharing phenomenal art with the world.

Incandescent Art is compiled by Liz Ewbank, an American History graduate, Art school graduate, Ex teacher of art and photography and now a kick-ass debt councellor by day and recycled jewellery maker and photographer by night!

Liz runs a small wedding photography buissiness – based out of Bradford UK [ https://raddingsphotography.wordpress.com/ ] and also spends way too much time rolling paper beads and folding origami as a fundraising project for the charity she works for: https://www.facebook.com/reclaimedbygracejewellery/?ref=ts&fref=ts


6 thoughts on “Whats this site?

  1. Hey Liz, this is an awesome site and I am so glad you picked some of my works to be involved. I see you love post-apocalyptic fiction have you read the WOOl series by Hugh Howey? You will love it. I haven’t read the last book in the series, but wow it has been a really good read so far. Thanks again from Kate

  2. Hey Liz ! I Just discovered incandesentart. The art works your are posting is really wonderful. Would love visit again and explore more about your blog. I really appreciate you for share such interesting work. Nice to meet you. Have a wonderful day..:)

  3. Hey Liz – love what you’re doing here. Came across the site whilst browsing Anselm Keifer and brutalist sites as inspiration for my own new series of paintings. Found it really interesting and full of what I was looking for – inspiration! Keep up the good work – thank!

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